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Cook,in response to your recent advertisement in the Greensboro reporter, please accept this letter andresume in application for the senior petroleum geologist position currently addition to gaining. In geology and teaching at Salt lake city University, i have hadexperience in both basic and applied research. During my years at Blake corporation, i havespecialized in computer modeling of the earth's strata and have been commended by senior management for my effectiveness in identifying drilling sites and estimating oil reserves. I believe that these qualifications, together with my experience supervising members of researchteams, make me a strong candidate for your senior petroleum geologist ank you for considering my application, and I look forward to meeting or talking with you inthe near spectfully yours, Martha KlingmanEnclosure. Kamp, i am applying for the geologist position and have submitted my documents for thispurpose. I know that my varied studies of the sciences are a benefit to anycompany that I work for and that I would bring an understanding of the earth and itsproperties would be appreciated by southern Earth Sciences, e below for a summarized list of the.

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Interpreted geophysical wireline logs and seismic output. Worked as Operations geologist monitoring active drilling wells, providing on call geologic services and relaying all drilling information to prospect geologist and geophysicist, attended daily drilling and safety meetings, and bidding jobs shinto to vendors for geologic related services. Conducted well site work on exploration/production drilling wells, including logging jobs and coring runs. Managed, proposed, evaluated, and reviewed oil and gas prospects. Candidate Info view more resume samples free professional Resume Critique we have partnered with TopResume to bring you a free resume critique service. Upload your resume and within 48 hours TopResume will email you a detailed analysis of what hiring managers and automated systems think of your resume and how to improve. Your resume has been submitted successfully! You will receive a confirmation soon. Email: Resume: Browse Upload Resume file. September 23 rd 2008Ms. Sally cook Zeus Petroleum, Inc.105, east StreetSan Francisco, ca 95086Dear.

Candidate Info 6 Exploration geologist Received training on exploring several geological formations in the east Texas Basin including the wilcox, paluxy, rodessa, and slogan James developed fluvial-deltaic depositional models for prospective areas of exploration interest Analyzed petrophysics, mud logs, seismic and gravity maps for gathering formation. Interpreted 2D and 3D seismic datasets and generated various seismic attribute and faces maps using seisworks and geoprobe. Conduced volumetric analysis and participated in prospect risk assessments. Participated in lease sales, hi-graded prospects. Oversaw drilling operations of two exploration wells. Candidate Info 9 Exploration geologist Worked on district reconnaissance, submittal evaluations and projects. Evaluated deposits in epithermal, volcanic, carlin, detachment and Precambrian settings Conducted grass roots exploration, district-wide mapping projects, target generation and sampling programs Created geochemical and prospect maps of southern Plomosas, Arizona mapped and interpreted a complex of thrust and detachment faults in the cienega district. Conducted local to regional studies utilizing well logs, scout cards, cuttings and core data, sample analysis, historical documentation, seismic and other geophysical data, etc.

geologist resume

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Candidate Info 5, exploration geologist, collaborated on the merlin discovery; increasing company value.225 billion. Generated local greenfields targets within 3000 sq/km area combining field programs, an established database and geologic mineralization models. Designed exploration programs using geochemical, geophysical and drilling methods. Managed daily operations of up to 5 drill rigs at a time and an exploration team of up to 15 people. Created gis maps and figures for technical reports and press releases. Government and corporate technical report writing. Daily geology duties: field mapping and sampling, data compilation, core logging, reporting and 3D modeling.

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geologist resume

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Initiated California exploration program, purchased seismic and well data, negotiated venture participation resulting in increasing our energy assets by 3,000,000 the first year. Supervised four technicians, all well site geological activities. Two oil discoveries, two gas discoveries. Drilled one of the deepest Stevens Turbidite mound tests (17,000 feet). Evaluated deals in bakersfield Arch, sacramento gas province, ventura, los Angeles, santa barbara Channel, eel river, mist, dj, williston, west Texas, Espanola, paradox, bollywood san juan basins; Basin and Range, and Rockies. Recommended software and company acquisitions to our lear Data subsidiary. Invented and developed dial-up competitor well database now marketed by pi/Nielsen.

Candidate Info 4, sunshine mine, id - exploration geologist. Assisted in updating resources and reserves for Sunshine mine block model through data collection, compilation, and digitization with Autocad. Mapped, rock/soil sampled, collected, interpreted, and compiled data for exploration properties in north Idaho. Reviewed topographic maps, researched and planned claim staking for future exploration properties. Assisted in drafting weekly exploration reports and appropriate documents for drilling on claims staked on lands held by federal government agencies. Logged, split, and sampled core from surface drill rig and laid out surveyed line-sites for drillers. Performed chainman duties for surveying around mine-site.

Candidate Info 2, exploration geologist, managed a team of geologists for the development of a drill program and for the collection of data for geologic and geo-statistical modeling. Worked collectively with consultants and the trer team to produce a preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) for ni 43-101 and to progress the round Top project forward towards production. Advanced safety and environmental sustainability programs for the company. Chief geologic modeler and on-site project geologist for drill program on round Top Rare earth project. Developed and implemented a program for environmental sustainability and remediation, and constructed reports per request of the texas General Land Office.

Developed geologic and geo-statistical models using highly proficient skills in Micromine, arcview gis, and Microsoft Excel. Calculated tonnage and grade distributions and interpreted drillhole and geophysical data for the development of theories of the formation of the ore body. Performed geo-statistics and worked with consultants to develop figures and tables for ni 43-101 pea. Identified potential drill targets, determined sites for new drillholes, spotted vertical and directional drill rigs, determined new drill road locations, sampled and logged chips on rc drill rigs, and logged core. Supervised sampling of rc and core to meet QA/QC standards. Worked directly with clients, consultants, and contractors and developed working relationships with them. Candidate Info 3, senior Exploration geologist, performed economic analysis, prospect generation, deal identification and acquisition.

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Those in this position can typically show a bachelor's degree or higher on their resumes, and they often possess geological field experience as well. For more information on what it takes to be a exploration geologist, check out our complete. Exploration geologist Job Description. 1, exploration geologist, exploration geologist for Gulf coast District involved in the exploration and development of wildcat and producing properties for the texas and louisiana gulf coast Region. Compiled detailed field studies of the Cretaceous Chalk Trend in Texas and louisiana. Initiated drilling on 80 wells, resulting in over 32 MMboe's of realized annual production. Improved asset management by developing computer programs and databases to aid in geostatistical analysis of production, completion and well log data for nine texas counties. Evaluated seismic, geological and completion data using geostitistical analysis to increase production and lower completion costs by approximately 50-100k per well. Provided detailed prospect evaluations during plan farm-in opportunities resulting in acquisitions of major productive properties in tx, la,.

geologist resume

Kindly consider my application favorably and allow me to serve your organization, while exploring and constantly developing my skills in petroleum geology, eventually guiding me towards a successful career. You may contact me anytime if you wish to discuss my application in detail or if you wish to schedule an appointment for an interview. I am looking forward to joining your team and serve to the best of my abilities. Yours sincerely, shannon Luna, enclosure: Resume, the above example of a petroleum geologist resume cover letter should guide you efficiently in preparing a desirable cover letter that would serve the purpose of getting you an interview. If you are a candidate with no relevant experience, then all you need to do is focus on your technical skills that you have acquired and developed through education, while including any accomplishments in school or college, dissertation unless they are mundane. You may also mention your grades after your final examinations; but, if your grades are not really attractive, we advise you to skip that member to customize your cover letter so as to give it that personal touch, which will engage your reader in your. Exploration geologists analyze geographic locations to find natural resources, like petroleum and minerals. Responsibilities highlighted on example resumes in this field include developing fluvial-deltaic depositional models for prospective areas of exploration interest; analyzing petrophysics, mud logs, seismic and gravity maps for gathering formation tops data; and creating isopach maps and structure maps.

have graduated from The University of Tulsa in the field of geology, in June 2007. Besides, i have also completed. In geology from The University of Texas, while i was working with Texas State reservoir Operations, lubbock, tx between August 2007 and March 2011 as. Throughout my employment in the above organization, i acquired and developed essential skills in studying the sedimentary basins, in order to aid the team in oil exploration. I developed deep understanding in various geological disciplines, which are used in the process of oil exploration. I was involved in - quantifying the nature of organic-rich rocks in order to determine the quantity of hydrocarbons expelled the research and discussion of climate change and its effects on the petroleum production and extraction process assessing the porosity and permeability of reservoirs studying. Besides, i also possess excellent communication skills, training and mentoring skills, researching skills, and analytical skills, which when combined with my technical skills will generate the desired outcome that will aid in the oil exploration and production processes, thereby contributing to your organization's growth. Attached herewith, you will find my resume which contains detailed information about my professional background along with my contact details.

Signify your professional qualification effectively, besides mentioning your technical skills, you are required to give equal importance to your professional background in the petroleum geologist resume cover letter, as in your previous job responsibilities and the skills that you have developed during your previous employment. Highlight your prior work experience concisely, making sure you do not go deep into the details. Before you conclude the letter, you need to mention what you will offer as an employee, if you are given an opportunity to serve the organization. Conclude your letter appropriately by showing your gratitude towards the reader and include information as to when the reader can contact you to follow up on your application. Given below is a free sample of a petroleum geologist resume sample cover letter for your reference. Petroleum geologist Resume cover Letter Sample (for writing experienced candidates). Luna 3035 Scenicview Drive, midland, tx 79701,. Chilton, human Resources, national Association of Petroleum geologists. Houston, tx, sub: Job application for the position of Petroleum Scientist -.

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A sample cover letter for petroleum geologist job. A the petroleum geologist resume cover letter should focus on the candidate's understanding in all the aspects of the discovery of oil deposits and production of petroleum. In general, your cover letter should display your proficiency in various fields of science and machinery used in the identification of possible oil traps. A petroleum geologist cover letter should also display your researching and analytical skills, which are essential to study the dynamics of solid and liquid matter constituting the planet's resources and various scientific processes pertaining to petroleum art your letter with a brief introduction of yourself. Your introduction needs to be gripping in order to keep the reader glued onto your application. Highlighting your technical skills, petroleum geology is concerned with the determination and analysis of the seven basic elements in sedimentary basins, namely the source, the reservoir, the seal, the trap, timing, maturation, and migration; so, your cover letter should portray your knowledge in the evaluation. Include your skills and knowledge in the analysis of source rocks, reservoirs, and basins, while showing your proficiency in exploration, appraisal, and production stages. You need to relate your technical skills to the nature of the job profile that you are applying for; so, make sure you carefully organize your thoughts and put them forth in an effective manner.

geologist resume
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  1. In vivo scientist Resume. Medical Laboratory Scientist Resume. Given below is a sample petroleum geologist resume cover letter.

  2. A petroleum geologist resume cover letter should focus on the candidate's understanding in all the aspects of the discovery of oil deposits and. 1 Management book in The netherlands in 2015. Geologist, resume samples - visualCV resume samples database sample, geologist, resume, how to Write. Fish And Wildlife biologist.

  3. Senior Early kick detection Engineer " ekds " / Well site. Exploration, geologist, resume, samples. Exploration geologists analyze geographic locations to find natural resources, like petroleum and minerals.

  4. Click the Adobe icon below to download this resume in portable document format. Vice President and Chief, geologist, crosshair Energy Inc., denver,. This free sample resume for a geologist has an accompanying sample geologist cover letter and sample geologist job advertisement. Senior Early kick detection Engineer " Ekds " / Well Site.

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