Writing about literature textbook

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writing about literature textbook

M: Literature : An Introduction to fiction, poetry

Author background (information sheet ) Thesis statement 40 Outline: Intro paragraph. Why do authors use literary elements? Some possible answers are: (2-3 sentences) to enhance their writing, create and maintain a readers interest, to relay a deeper meaning in a story, to capture important events, and to appeal to a readers emotions. restate the question as part of your answer. Do not just list the answers; incorporate them into sentences -do not refer to kate Chopin yet. We are only discussing authors in general. 41 Outline, roman Numeral i, continued.

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You should have (5)"s. You are using the homework same (5) literary devices that you described in your thesis and examined in your literary criticism. A" does not mean that it is something spoken by a character. A" is simply words written by someone other than you and therefore must be put into"tion marks. However, you may choose a" that is spoken by a character. Each" should be in"tion marks and should be followed by the authors last name and page number of the" in parentheses. 38 Primary source": Irony in poes Cask of Amontillado for the love of God, montresor! I want to check your"tions by the end of the period. Bring up your blue and yellow sheets. 39 Friday, 3/28: Write your introduction Write your intro paragraph on the mla formatted paper Why do authors use literary elements?

This is an example of irony because it is not Montresor who achieves revenge over Fortunato, it is actually fortunato who achieves revenge over Montresor. 32 For Todays Class you will need: Literary Criticism packet Literary Criticism handout from yesterday 33 Checkpoint #1 Organize your folder in the following order: Story questions Literary devices handout Thesis statement (half sheet) Author background worksheet Introduction paragraph (notebook) Primary source (yellow paper) Story. Fatally pinioning Fortunato in an upright position and placing him in a tomb, montresor has unwittingly reenacted the Crucifixion (Gruesser 2). Source: poes Cask of Amontillado by john Gruesser 35 Example paraphrase/Notes The reader is expected to understand the references to the poem Paradise lost by john Milton and the 18th century composer Antonio salieri and his composition, Amadeus. Both figures, satan and Salieri, achieve victory for only a short period of time, only to have their victims earn the final victory. 36 Literary Criticism re-examine the portions of the articles you highlighted. Your"s need to come from (3) different sources. They may ions not all come from the same source. By the end of the period: I will be checking your work to make sure that you have (5)"tions along with (5) notes/paraphrases 37 Primary sources (Short Story) Examine your short story to find a" from your story that relates to each.

writing about literature textbook

M: Writing Literature reviews: a guide for

They may not come from the same source. 30 Example: Irony in poes The cask of Amontillado several critics have pointed to montresor's irrational behavior just before he walls in Fortunato, to the ambiguity of the montresor coat of arms, and to indications that the narrator suffers from a guilty conscience, to support. Building on those arguments. I would like to suggest that Fortunato literally and figuratively gets the last laugh in the tale because he knows what lies ahead for Montresor and himself in the next world. Significantly, fortunato is the one who first alludes to what. Gerald Kennedy calls Montresor's theological guilt when he calls out, for the love of God, montresor, shortly before he is entombed (Gruesser 1). Source: poes Cask of Amontillado by john Gruesser 31 Example paraphrase/notes Some critics believe that Montresor did not commit the perfect act of revenge. Gruesser believes that Fortunato, even though dead, gets revenge garden on Montresor, knowing what is in store for Montresor in the afterlife.

Highlight/label the portions of the articles that discuss your particular devices. You will need to use (3) different sources! By the end of the period, you should have found information relating to your thesis statement in your research. Tomorrow we will be working to explicate (analyze) this information and apply it to your thesis statement. 29 Literary Criticism re-examine the portions of the articles you highlighted. Write a 1-2 sentence paraphrase for each. This ensures that you understand the material and the point the author is trying to make. I have provided an example for you using an article on poes Cask of Amontillado. Your"s need to come from (2) different sources.

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writing about literature textbook

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Eventually the men come to a large recess in a granite wall, where montresor chains Fortunato to the wall and proceeds to brick up the wall, sealing Fortunato in and causing him to suffocate. Thus Montresor avenges his insult. 22 day 5: Type summary 8-10 sentence summary of short story due by the end of the class period 23 Proper mla format for your Summary Assignment: Times New Roman, size 12 double-space entire paper heading begins on first line of paper; do not insert. Snyder English 2cp 24 Story summary rubric with name on it Literary devices Worksheet Typed story summary i ralph do not want your rough draft 25 day 6: Thesis Statement intro to literary Criticism Handout Use literary devices worksheet to write thesis statement. Choose literary devices that you understand and feel confident in discussing.

You may choose from the following literary devices for your story: Desirees Baby: characterization, conflict, foreshadowing, flashback, symbolism, irony The lottery: characterization, conflict, foreshadowing, symbolism, irony An Occurrence at Owl Creek bridge: foreshadowing, flashback, characterization, conflict, irony *Ask Mrs. Snyder about any other literary devices not listed here. 26 Literary Criticism Continued read and examine the literary criticism provided for you. Identify author background information by highlighting/underlining the following info: Names of other stories, works of literature the author has written Awards or honors the author has received Subject matter that the author tends to focus on geographical area/time period the author tends to focus. With a partner, complete the author background worksheet. After you are finished, begin examining your literary criticism. 28 Literary Criticism Focus in on the five literary devices that you have selected to discuss in your research paper (see thesis statement).

Step 1: read the story. Step 2: go back through the story and identify literary devices. For example, identify setting, protagonist, antagonist, conflict, etc. You may do this by highlighting, underlining, or making notes in the margins. Step 3: begin to fill in the literary devices Worksheet. 18, day 2 or 3 Complete literary devices Worksheet with group members.

Make the most of your time—you wont have very many opportunities to work as a group. You will use your literary devices worksheet to write a summary of your story as well as construct your thesis statement. 19, day 4: Story summary Check for completion of literary devices worksheet you will be writing an 8-10 sentence summary of your short story. Example: poes Cask of Amontillado note mla format Begin writing summary using literary devices worksheet 20, plot Map: The cask of Amontillado. Exposition: (protagonist, antagonist, setting, hint of the possible conflict) Montresor, fortunato, italian festival of Carnivale—50 years earlier Rising Action: Fortunato insulted Montresor, wants revenge; takes Fortunato into the vault below to examine a case of wine Climax: secures Fortunato to the wall, seals him. He states that Fortunato, the antagonist and fellow wine connoisseur, insulted him, and therefore, according to his family's motto, must be avenged. Montresor uses their shared interest in wine to lure fortunato into the catacombs beneath the montresor family home under the pretense of sampling from a cask of Amontillado, an extremely rare wine. The suggestion of consulting Lucresi, another wine connisseur, is also used by montresor as bait to draw Fortunato into the trap. Because of his hubris, or excessive pride, fortunato falls for the trick and continues further into the catacombs in search of the Amontillado.

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All work will be done in class. At the end of the period, put the folder in box labeled for your class period. 15, day one continued In addition, keep in mind the following prompt: What (5) literary devices can you identify in the authors work and what point does the author make by incorporating them? For example: In The cask resumes of Amontillado, edgar Allan poe uses irony, allusion, and point of view in order to convey the theme that revenge is not always achieved. db, racism can destroy a family The literary devices you may choose from are: symbolism, irony, flashback, and conflict 16, day one continued you will receive a short story (story that designed to be read in one sitting) to read during class. While you are reading, be aware of what literary devices the author uses—underline, highlight or keep a list of them as you come across them. Use the list of literary terms as reference. 17, days 1-2: Now what?

writing about literature textbook

Essential question: What techniques do i need to use in order to write a persuasive composition? 12, learning Targets Target: I summary will use different types and lengths of sentences in my writing. Essential question: How do varied sentence structures and lengths improve writing? Learning Targets Target: I will read over my paper to make sure that it follows assignment requirements mainly spelling and grammar. Essential question: Why is it important to proofread? 14, day one put your name on the folder. All material is to be kept in the folder. It is not to leave the room.

paper? Essential question: How do i evaluate and organize information and select related sources to support my argument? 9, learning Targets Target: I will write questions to guide my research and review information related to my topic. Essential question: How do i compose and adapt research questions to narrow my topic? 10, learning Targets Target: I will analyze the authors argument or viewpoint in writing. Essential question: How do authors express their ideas in a text? 11, learning Targets Target: I will write a paper that attempts to persuade a reader to accept a certain belief or position by using information and examples from my research sources.

Bonus due date: Bonus points (10) awarded if you turn in paper on Friday, march 28, 2014 or earlier. Due date: no bonus points, but write not late if you turn in paper on Monday, april 7, late date: (1) letter grade will be deducted from for each day late, beginning tuesday, april 8th. 5, what am I writing about and how long does it have to be? You will be reading a short story and analyzing how the author uses literary devices to discuss the theme of the story. 7 paragraphs, 3-4 pages, typed: Intro, 5 body paragraphs, conclusion 6, attendance and Use of Class Time. It is imperative that you be here every day and use the class time given to you. The unit is designed to be completed in class. If you miss class time, you will be behind and be responsible for understanding the work that you missed. 7, learning Targets Target: I will recognize the reason why i am writing and who i am writing.

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Presentation on theme: "Learning how to write about literature using literary criticism"— Presentation transcript: 1, learning how to write about literature using literary criticism. The research Paper learning how to write about literature using literary criticism 2, a review of Some Important Classroom Rules. New seats: Minimize distractions be prepared: writing utensil, necessary papers, etc. 1st offense reminder; 2nd offense call home lunch detention; 3rd offense asd hall passes: not issued during lesson Restroom passes: 3/quarter Tardies to class: 3 call home, 4 asd any work completed this week house will go on 4th quarter; gradebook is closed! 3, research Paper grades, finished product 150 points Classroom activities approximately 50 points If you do not complete the research paper, you will fail the 4th quarter. If you bomb the research paper, there may not be enough point opportunities to allow you to pass the 4th quarter. 4, work dates and due dates. Work dates: we will be working on this project beginning today, march 10-Friday, march.

writing about literature textbook
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  4. Table of Contents (PDF). This anthology focuses on writing about literature which is integrated in every chapter. This textbook is nearly identical. Writing, about, literature : Home.

  5. Presentation on theme: "Learning how to write about literature using literary criticism"— Presentation transcript. Rhetorical analysis in your textbook. The wiley guide to, writing.

  6. Textbook : Roberts, Edgar. Writing, about, literature, 11th Edition. Upper Saddle river, nj: pearson Prentice hall, 2006.

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